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Forum Category: Health and Fitness
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At Home Work Outs While Quarantined  

9/12/2022 11:43
Posted By:  - APPLE VALLEY, MN  

Date Posted: 9/12/2022 11:43

Extremely grateful that Wisconsin did not bow down to the mandates so I was able to drive 25 minutes every day from St Paul, Minnesota to Hudson, Wisconsin and work out in a competitors gym owned by a professional BB/Coach.

Never missed a workout when Minnesota shut down...Then Minnesota opened up so started training there again, then they shut down again, so right back to Sconny! Almost moved across the border to live in their free state. Funny thing is...never wore a mask at any time, and never got as much as a sniffle.

Shows you that being around healthy people you will not get sick even if the media is telling you that you could be sick and not know it and get others sick and not know it because you do not know you are sick. How is that bullshit word salad. Unfortunately, way too many fell for that "science" 

However, to each their own and their own beliefs. I'm just happy I was able to get a mental break every day and not miss a single workout!

I was able to put on 15lbs of muscle in the entire shutdown and did not have to change my life at all! 

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