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Favorite look on the opposite sex  

5/5/2023 14:22
Posted By:  - MONROVIA, CA  

Date Posted: 5/5/2023 14:22
<p align="left">In this area, oddly enough, the "vanilla" standard of public dress for women combines so well with the uninhibited sensuality of the swinger lifestyle.</p><p align="left">Yes, I prefer a more casual, modest, everyday PUBLIC look for a woman, rather than a look that focuses so heavily on seduction to the point of straining for it.&nbsp; I think many women in and out of the lifestyle try too hard, or harder than they need to, in the interest of sex appeal.&nbsp; It&#39;s more about attitude, and how she carries herself.&nbsp; Don&#39;t THINK sexy, BE sexy by not trying.</p><p align="left">The trashy nightgown minis, thong underwear, and stripper heels are overdone, in my opinion.&nbsp; Please lose the shoes when in bed together.&nbsp; And it&#39;s the hint of cleavage, the naughty peek inside the blouse carelessly (or deliberately) left unbuttoned that I find most effective. It&#39;s the look that teases.&nbsp; Letting it all hang out in a low-cut top is just-- tacky.&nbsp; Leave more to the imagination. The mind is the most important organ to be engaged in sexuality.&nbsp; Don&#39;t forget to stimulate it.&nbsp; I am much more aroused by a woman in a modest bra, a simple t-shirt, and regular panties.&nbsp; It&#39;s about the innocence mingling with the naughty, the ordinary crossing over with the kinky.<br>"It&#39;s such a pleasure to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Modest-Pair."&nbsp; Flash forward, and I&#39;m fucking the happily-married Mrs. in their bedroom.&nbsp; It&#39;s about the contrast!<br></p><p align="left">Fully dressed, I really like a fit woman in a sundress by day, mid-length, or a tastefully elegant evening gown by night.&nbsp; Tight jeans, long or short, are a proven standard.&nbsp; No objections there.&nbsp; On the kinkier side, I like a woman in a smart business suit with a miniskirt, or a skirt with a slit, and no underwear beneath her pantyhose or stockings and garter belt.&nbsp; And the classic Catholic schoolgirl outfit is a classic because it never grows old.<br><br>Yeah, yeah, I know.&nbsp; "Demanding single guy.&nbsp; Howz that all workin&#39; out for ya, pal?"<br>I can&#39;t rightly complain.&nbsp; I&#39;ve actually found some who agree with my tastes.&nbsp; I know I risk being ostracized and ignored by the rest.&nbsp; I&#39;m okay with that.&nbsp; I choose to be honest.<br></p>

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