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Murdered Cash-App Founder Was Attending Underground Sex, Drug Parties…  

5/19/2023 09:15
Posted By:  - DUVALL, WA  

Date Posted: 5/19/2023 09:15
<p align="left">I think this topic has gone off the rails in possibly hurtful ways, so I am going to lock it. The Forum Janitor might disagree and unlock it. <br><br>I don&#39;t think the murder in SF was related to BSDM, or at least there&#39;s no evidence of that. I think it was jealousy and an angry brother protecting his sister... the stuff of tragic folk songs. I think the OP wanted to discuss how the media publishes "hit pieces."&nbsp; And that would be a worthwhile topic, seems to me.<br><br>The fact that wealthy people&#39;s sex play involves expensive things should not be a surprise. Adults, casual sex, any level of wealth from trailer parks to penthouses... can, at times, "get crazy"... and the old human instincts of rage and jealousy can push people over the edge of civilized behavior. This site has lost members over the years to that very danger. It&#39;s serious. And we don&#39;t need to judge or be critical of our fellow members who include power transfer in their consensual activities. That&#39;s a different topic.<br><br>Be safe. Be free. And as Bill and Ted taught us, be Excellent to each other. Email me privately if you want to disagree or discuss. I&#39;m on your side, but I&#39;m going to lock this for now.<br></p>

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