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Are you seeking Monrovia, California swingers personal ads?
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CURIOUS QUERIES: Truth About What Turns You On?  

5/31/2023 23:31
Posted By:  - MONROVIA, CA  

Date Posted: 5/31/2023 23:31
<p align="left">Aloha, Mr. ALOHA!</p><p align="left"><br></p><p align="left">And thank you for your insightful comment.</p><p align="left">I don&#039;t feel threatened by any contact from other Single Males via email than I do communicating with them here in this public Forum. That was a strange assumption. But, out of habit and in reflection of my own interests, my email was filtered by preferences at sign-up, much like those profiles of lots of couples who filter out SMs, or whatever else. As I&#039;ve said, my visit here won&#039;t be long, and I&#039;d like to spend it in pursuit of my primary interests. Like most folks on LL, the sight of that BLINKING RED LIGHT next to the "Mailbox" link is exciting for the anticipation it stirs. To then discover the mail is just from another guy... Well... You can understand the let-down.</p><p align="left">Besides, accidentally getting you to express your welcome support here in front of everyone else is far more beneficial, both to myself and to other SMs who have and do endure unfair abuse.</p><p align="left">I wish more Forum lurkers would bravely step forward in the interest of fair play, instead of allowing all the hostility that has plagued this site for decades to simply go on.</p><p align="left">Thanks again for the kind words, sir!<br></p>

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